Adam Caplan Chat Transcript - 03/13/08

Adam Caplan, NFL Expert

Is Khalif Barnes being traded? What tackle could take his place? How badly did Tom Coughlin treat Fred Taylor? This and more in our chat with NFL Expert Adam Caplan.

adamcaplan> To start off, don't be surprised if Barnes is traded before the draft
CharlieBernstein> Really, that's news
tannerfox> Interesting I like Barnes
adamcaplan> they like Otah
adamcaplan> but would have to trade up to get him
CharlieBernstein> Will he last?
adamcaplan> Also keep in mind Barnes is on the last year of his deal
adamcaplan> He has too much baggage for them to re-sign him
CharlieBernstein> Will he make it to #21, #22?
adamcaplan> No
adamcaplan> Otah should be gone by #15
CharlieBernstein> They don't have enough picks to move up that far
adamcaplan> It's something I will be keeping an eye on, lets put it that way
CharlieBernstein> They must trust Collier a lot to make a move like that
CharlieBernstein> I certainly understand the rationale behind it
adamcaplan> I say they would only do it if they could get a solid LT
tannerfox> agree, but I am not ready to start a rookie LT this season
adamcaplan> Chris Williams or Otah

tannerfox> What happened to the old adage it takes around five years to develop a good LT?
adamcaplan> Not in this day and age of the NFL
adamcaplan> I didn't think Joe Thomas could do it
adamcaplan> but he did it from day one
CharlieBernstein> Thomas was great last year for Cleveland
tannerfox> I am outdated
adamcaplan> Should have been a first team all pro
CharlieBernstein> Never noticed him, which is great for O-lineman and referees
adamcaplan> True, that's a good sign

adamcaplan> BTW, for those Sirius subscribers
adamcaplan> I'm on tomorrow night from 8-11 pm est on 124
adamcaplan> saturday 6-9pm
CharlieBernstein> Nice, busy weekend
adamcaplan> Two weeks owners meetings in Palm Beach
CharlieBernstein> Not a bad place to be

CharlieBernstein> Any interesting proposed rule changes?
adamcaplan> More tune ups
tannerfox> Charlie did well in his spot on NFL Network

adamcaplan> BTW, Jags have interest in Flacco
adamcaplan> perhaps more than I thought
CharlieBernstein> Will he get picked in round one?
adamcaplan> Late first, early second
tannerfox> Flacco, to me is over rated. Good arm but thats about it.
adamcaplan> If you had seen him play I'd go further but you obviously haven't seen him
adamcaplan> or not enough
JagsMac> Ketchman doesn't throw a name like that out without cause
CharlieBernstein> I'm not sold on him
RobbC> That's too soon for us though, I'd think. Other needs
tannerfox> Ketchminites abound
adamcaplan> Garrard is still limited
adamcaplan> I think he can take you so far
CharlieBernstein> I guess that would keep Garrard from getting a new deal
JagsMac> I agree Robb....early for us IMO
adamcaplan> Garrard is on the last year of his deal
adamcaplan> What did Vic say?
JagsMac> Vic has just "thrown" the name out as a possible QB of interest, and backed it up with info....
adamcaplan> will be interesting to see what they do with him
CharlieBernstein> They've been talking extension
JagsMac> Talk of big new deal here, adam
CharlieBernstein> From what I understand they're close to a deal
adamcaplan> If he does get it, will be interesting to see the terms

tannerfox> What do you think Jason Taylors future is?
adamcaplan> I think he's dealt before or by draft time
CharlieBernstein> They can't build around him (Taylor)
JagsMac> Think draft day trade. now
JagsMac> more value to Parcells
adamcaplan> Parcells has to rebuild
tannerfox> Were not rebuilding I would hope. We need help now. Question is, can he return to form for a couple of years?
adamcaplan> JAX needs pass rushing help, badly
JagsMac> Agree, but I think Taylor is a big chip to him
CharlieBernstein> Hayward can't be counted on to fully recover
adamcaplan> Even so, they don't have enough pass rushers

CharlieBernstein> Will Quinn Gray sign in Oakland?
adamcaplan> He's getting a lot of interest, GB, OAK

tannerfox> Same question regarding Julius Peppers
adamcaplan> It's odd how bad he was last year
adamcaplan> no one has a real answer as to why
CharlieBernstein> A lot of question marks with the guys they have on the roster

jagsfan30> off the jaguars, is there any future for kevin jones
adamcaplan> It's up in the air when he'll be able to play

CharlieBernstein> Do you think Troy Williamson can learn to catch the forward pass?
adamcaplan> at least he can stretch the field

tannerfox> Does Berrians production take a hit now that he is with Minn.?
adamcaplan> Depends on QB

adamcaplan> As for Fred Taylor, he could play for a few more seasons
JagsMac> Let's hope so
jagsfan30> i could see the jags releasing him, even though i would hate that
CharlieBernstein> Not this year
JagsMac> MJD not ready for prime time yet
adamcaplan> Fred T will be around as long as he wants
jagsfan30> he has that much pull>
CharlieBernstein> Taylor is the face of the franchise
adamcaplan> Taylor was terrific last season
adamcaplan> and stayed healthy, no signs of slowing down
jagsfan30> you gotta love freddy
adamcaplan> Fred Taylor is a good story considering all of the BS he's been through
tannerfox> Fred's future is going to be better than his buddy the Edge. What do you think Adam?
adamcaplan> James is really slowing down
adamcaplan> ARI needs to get his replacement soon
adamcaplan> or they could have a Shaun Alexander situation
jagsfan30> very true the best was at the panthers game last year(i flew down from up in philly) and after he broke that 8 yd everyone chanted his name
tannerfox> thx adam for your insight
adamcaplan> You have to remember how Coughlin treated him (Freddy)
adamcaplan> which was very poor
CharlieBernstein> Not reporting the torn groin
adamcaplan> Even worse, he listed him as questionable
jagsfan30> what happen with the groin i never heard of that
CharlieBernstein> I remember
adamcaplan> when he knew Taylor couldn't play
JagsMac> Not TC!!!
CharlieBernstein> He tore the muscle off the bone
adamcaplan> Yep. what a joke
CharlieBernstein> And he was listed each week as questionable
adamcaplan> that would never happen now
CharlieBernstein> Making Fred look soft
jagsfan30> and made him play??????
CharlieBernstein> He couldn't play, it killed his national image
adamcaplan> Coughlin did that to hurt Taylor
tannerfox> TC at that time was not a take warm showers together type a guy
JagsMac> hence the nickname
CharlieBernstein> That's where the "fragile Fred" stuff came from
adamcaplan> Well that contributed to it
jagsfan30> oh my god man thats bad i never knew that happened liked that
CharlieBernstein> I hope Fred doesn't have a dropoff this year, but he is 32
jagsfan30> how does fred talk about tom now?
adamcaplan> But I think Coughlin has changed a lot since then obviously
JagsMac> a slow decline would be expected
CharlieBernstein> Curtis Martin was very good into his early 30's
adamcaplan> He had a very bad ankle injury and it was actually bent back
adamcaplan> like it was deformed, but still gutted it out
adamcaplan> Curtis Martin, great guy
CharlieBernstein> Different types of runners

tannerfox> What's your take on S Alexanders future?
adamcaplan> He's shot
adamcaplan> he falls down before getting hit
adamcaplan> that's a sign that he's done
adamcaplan> he'll get a job
adamcaplan> DET and a few others will look at him
tannerfox> Well he didn't have a very good OL last season either
adamcaplan> He basically gives up
tannerfox> Like Minn had
adamcaplan> it looks really bad on coaches tape
adamcaplan> like has nothing to do with that

RobbC> Any major surprises in free agency left?
adamcaplan> Not really
adamcaplan> Hackett looks like CAR or SEA

CharlieBernstein> Do you like the moves Cleveland made in free agency?
adamcaplan> Yes but they have to be careful
adamcaplan> they brought in two guys who are coming off of bad seasons, Rogers and Stallworth
CharlieBernstein> At least the Browns can take the first day of the draft off
adamcaplan> And third round too. But I like their aggressiveness
adamcaplan> At least they didn't go after older players
tannerfox> Adam don't you think Stallworth will benefit from playing with Braylom Edwards and other targets with Cleveland more than if he was the main dog?
adamcaplan> It's no different than with Moss
adamcaplan> Stallworth started off well then flamed out
adamcaplan> just like with Philly
adamcaplan> he's now on 4th team in 4 years, good guy though
jagsfan30> that soft tissue damage is a bitch
adamcaplan> Stallworth will be their third passing option
adamcaplan> but he can stretch the field
adamcaplan> which will help Edwards and Winslow
CharlieBernstein> Browns see a weak division and are trying to take control

jagsfan30> do you think mjd will get the bulk of the carries next year or about the same as last season
adamcaplan> He may get more touches
adamcaplan> but they still don't use him effectively
adamcaplan> he's a beast on outside zone runs
jagsfan30> how do u think they should him
jagsfan30> i like him in the passing game out the backfield
adamcaplan> He needs to be used on my screens
adamcaplan> I asked him that on sirius
adamcaplan> he didn't want to say anything bad
jagsfan30> i think the call them wheel routes
adamcaplan> Wheel route is a little different
jagsfan30> thats what N.O. use bush with
adamcaplan> but MJD scored on a wheel route last season
jagsfan30> yea in the pitt game
adamcaplan> so yes, they have to do more of that
CharlieBernstein> He dropped about three balls on wheel routes last year that could've gone for TD's

adamcaplan> Not sure... turn caps lock off
RobbC> Jags1016 has a yelling problem
RobbC> we're seeking treatment for him
Jags1016> lol
adamcaplan> ha

jagsfan30> whats going on with the redskins usually you hear them blowin up free agency
adamcaplan> Lack of money
adamcaplan> they didn't offer Hackett much today, he's in TB now
adamcaplan> TB has a ton of money
jagsfan30> same with the colts now, cant push anymore money out

adamcaplan> All: That's all the time I have
adamcaplan> see you next time
CharlieBernstein> Thanks Adam Recommended Stories

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